Single Family Homes | Mobile Homes | Vacant Land | Commercial Buildings

We understand you might have recently gone through a short sale or other tragic event in the last 5 years. We feel you should not be penalized for this situation. That’s why we offer private financing solutions for you and your family. So your family can still have a home of their own. We offer financing for single family homes, Mobile Homes & Vacant Land. Feel free to apply today to move you and your family into your dream property today.

Vacant Land | Development

Many times people with a great vision for real estate, land development or redevelopment have a difficult time transitioning that vision into a reality. We have the resources to move the project from the conceptual stages all the way through to completion. If you control the land and need the capital to move forward on development or we control the land that you see a potential opportunity to develop, we will work together to find a way to mutually benefit and make the venture work. We have negotiated deals with small local developers and large national builders/developers.


Simple Financing

We offer straight forward financing options to established businesses looking to expand operations, assist with cash flow issues, or who just need extra capital for intelligent expansion. Some companies with consistent cash flow and strong profits have unfortunate disasters or unexpected liabilities occur and emergency funding is needed. We are the creative emergency funding lifeline to help your business avoid detrimental economic catastrophe.

Joint Ventures | Partnering

Sometimes business fall behind in cash flow because of economical issues or other unforeseen events. We offer creative Joint Venture agreements to partner from a capital and management stance. Simple capital infusion to jump start these types of roadblocks is a part of our portfolio that we actively look to expand. Creativity and new industries are always at forefront of our vision. We value stable consistent standard businesses equally important as industry pioneer startups. Contact us today to discuss our options in depth.

Start Ups | VC Funding

We know first hand the struggles a young company can run into when starting and building a business. Even the best business ideas need assistance to get to that next level. Commercial institutes are great, but require an absorbent amount of history and consistency that startups are unable to provide. We offer seed or venture capital infusion as well as constructive business analysis to give your company the success it needs. Depending on whether or not a management role is desired or simply a capital boost is what you need, Simplicity has a solution for you and your business.

Other Ideas

We realize there are more creative ways to team up on projects that we have not pioneered. We challenge you to present us with your idea on how to structure the unique opportunity. Feel free to email us details and cashflow projections along with a direction of how you see the partnership being structured and we promise to put our best consideration forward.